Packing products to help you

At Ferriday and Alder Ltd, we understand that sometimes your relocation is a personal experience that you want to enjoy and take full control of. Which is why we can supply and provide the best packing products available in the country to aid you in the process.

From simple boxes to full arm chair covers and picture cartons, During your move with us we have everything you need to make sure you pack everything up safely and securely.

Don't forget, we can also pack all your possessions for you with our great packing offers.

Our removal options include:

Pack by Owner
You pack up your possessions by yourself and then we move them for you. We provide packing materials for you to pack all your possessions

Fragile Pack
You pack all your own possessions, except for your fragile items. We will pack those for you using our expertise and care. Our staff are highly trained and fully qualified in fine china, antiques and pianos.

All Pack
You sit back, put your feet up and let us take care of everything. This let's you go about your daily business and you never have to worry about the packing of your possessions.

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